Are you someone who looks for any excuse to put peanut butter on everything? Yeah, me too. Cookies, crackers, fruit, you name it, it probably tastes great with peanut butter smothered all over it. This includes sandwiches, of the peanut butter and jelly variety. Going off of that idea, how does a peanut butter burger sound?

Yes, at first thought, that sounds so weird because, well, peanut butter on a burger?? But listen, the more you think about it, the more and more it makes sense. Then look at a picture of it, and it’s destiny. These two things are meant to be together.

The WORKS, a burger chain in Canada, has just rolled out their newest menu addition: The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Burger. Start with a bun and a burger, of course, but stuff the burger full of peanut butter cups, like humans SHOULD DO. Add bacon and onion strings on top of that. Finish it all off with some chopped up peanut butter cups, and voilà, you’ve got the greatest food invention to ever grace the earth.

As weird as this sounds — and yes, it does sound weird — it also sounds kinda delicious. I mean, we eat burgers stuffed with cheese, right? What about a mac and cheese burger? That’s weird, but also amazing. And peanut butter is pureed peanuts, right? So like, it’s not all that strange to bite into a burger and have some peanut butter chocolate goodness ooze right out of the center.

So far, the reviews of the burger have been positive, and most of them fall along the “it’s so wrong it’s right” variety. Makes sense. The only downfall to this burger is that they’re only available in Canada right now, but The WORKS does hope to expand to the USA soon. In the meantime, anyone up for a road trip?

(Image via Instagram.)