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Reese Witherspoon’s sidekicks used to be her three mini-me kids — Ava, Deacon and Tennessee. But she has moved on to a new, smaller, and fluffier sidekick — Pepper the dog.

OK, she’s probably still super into her kids, but Pepper the Frenchie does make one adorable companion.

Pepper became a key part of the Witherspoon family back in April, joining Lou Ann (a bull terrier the family adopted in 2015), a chocolate Lab named Hank, and a German shepherd named Nash.

Pepper himself seems to be a supper chill dog who loves going anywhere and everywhere with her mom. But can you blame her? Imagine all the fun places Pepper probably gets to go — movie sets, movie premieres, lunches, PTA meetings, and so so much more!

Then again, Pepper probably loves just hangin’ out with her mom, which was proven when Witherspoon posted the sweetest picture of her and Pepper chillin’.

But mostly, it seems like Pepper loves hanging at home licking popsicles.

We have a feeling Pepper would have been besties with Bruiser Woods — Witherspoon’s Chihuahua co-star in Legally Blonde — had they known each other. Sadly, Bruiser (whose real name was Moonie) died back in March.

Witherspoon posted a heartbreaking tribute to Moonie on Instagram when she heard the sad news.

It’s never easy coming to terms with the death of an animal you love, but Moonie seems to have lived a really great life. Just like Pepper, Lou Ann, Hank, and Nash.