Reese Witherspoon Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Induction Ceremony
Credit: Barry King / Getty Images

Any celebrity #tbt kinda makes our day. It’s just nice to know that they, too, went through awkward phases and/or haven’t always been incredibly poised and beautiful. It gives us hope that one day we might also become fabulous butterflies.

We’re especially stoked about Reese Witherspoon’s #tbt to her school days.

Okay, let’s get this out of the way: AWWWWWW. The dress even has her name stitched on the front! And the pigtails! And the ankle socks! And the thick, straight bangs! Omg, this is too much. But prepare yourself, because there’s MORE.

Picture this: Elle Woods in second grade.

We don’t know that Reese Witherspoon is in second grade in this pic, but we’re taking creative license. Imagine the dress has “Elle” sewn on it instead (written in sparkly pink, obvi) and she shows up for her first day and instantly takes charge of her class.

Little Elle Woods giving fashion consults to her classmates and teaching them how to mix patterns and what shade of pink best complements their eyes. Little Elle Woods throwing pool parties at her cool house and making sure everybody in the class is included. Little Elle Woods shocking her teachers with how smart and together she is. Little Elle Woods definitely destined to be president. (Because that’s obviously what happens after the last movie, right!?)

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We’re just gonna sit here and think about this for a few more hours…