Picture of Ron and Hermione Locket

By now you know that we love fan theories. They’re so clever and well thought-out, and make us look at our favorite movies and TV shows completely differently. We especially like Harry Potter fan theories, and love stumbling upon them on Reddit. But this is one of the darkest ones we’ve ever read.

Brace yourselves for the realness: Reddit user sirlionel13 proposed an incredibly dark theory around how horcruxes are made, stating that Lord Voldemort was a cannibal. “My theory is that in order to make a Horcrux, you must consume the flesh and blood of your victim,” the theory begins.

We do know that when a wizard creates a horcrux, they put a piece of their soul into an object. But besides that, we don’t really know any other details around how horcruxes are made. So let’s entertain the idea that cannibalism is involved.

The theory begins by explaining that Voldemort and cannibals actually share quite a lot of values.

Then, it ties in horcruxes and the dark arts.

And finally, it takes the idea of splitting a soul to the next level.

Um, wow. That’s some dark stuff. Redditor sirlionel13 does point out that this theory does not apply to Harry. J.K. Rowling has explained that Harry was not a true horcrux, because Voldemort didn’t create a horcrux before the soul fragment got into Harry. Still, this theory is a lot to process. Dark arts indeed!

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