We’ve found the gift that keeps on giving: photo recreations… but with cats in place of humans!

How did we come up with this odd gift idea, you ask? Well, we definitely can’t take credit, because blogger Gordy Yates is actually the mastermind behind this feline-friendly concept.

Recently, Gordy and his twin sister Meredith Tuttle celebrated their 28th birthday. Meredith is a married mother of two, while Gordy’s a single guy living in Taiwan. Every year, Meredith never fails to get her brother a cool gift, but – until this year – Gordy never returned the favor. “I mean, I guess it could be because we live very different lives,” he explains. “I’ve been living the single life of parties and traveling while she’s been married and has two kids. It’s like I feel that I’m not quite an adult so I don’t need to give people things but they should give things to me.”

However, this year, Gordy decided to embrace adulthood by giving his sister a gift fit for someone who loves social media. And funny things. To commemorate their 28 years on Earth, Gordy recreated 28 of Meredith’s Instagram photos. The only problem is that she posts many snapshots of her kids and Gordy didn’t have a kid on standby to pose with. So, he decided to improvise… with a cat.

Then again, Gordy doesn’t have a cat either, which is why he had to borrow one from a stranger he met at church. In the end, he thought this was a perfect compromise because cats and babies have a lot in common. “They both like to eat off of and crawl on the floor, they both like to bite me, they’re both really small, they’re both really hard to control, and I can’t give birth to either of them,” Gordy told Babble.

Despite the cat replacement, Gordy says that Meredith absolutely loved the 28 recreations. And who could blame her? They are glorious:

While Gordy and his cat accomplice are most definitely recreation stars, there are many others who have also mastered this popular art form. The first name that comes to mind is Nicole Larson: the genius woman who posted engagement pics with pizza. Oh! And there are also these adorable couples, who recreated old photographs because love is really real.

But if photos aren’t your thing, you can also check out one of our recent faves: Trace Ellis Ross’ recreation of her mom Diana Ross’ “Work That Body” video. So rad!

Honestly, there’s nothing better than an awesome photo reboot that flawlessly mixes the old, the new, the hilarious, and the sentimental.

[Images via Twitter]