Gina Mei
Updated Apr 13, 2015 @ 4:29 pm

Rebel Wilson — ridiculously funny human being and all-around queen of our hearts — just brought our love for her to new, unforeseeable heights. At last night’s MTV Movie Awards, she came out on stage decked out in a bedazzled bustier bra, high-waisted leather leggings with “THINK” on the derriere, and a gigantic pair of white angel wings; and the reason why is pretty rad.

“I like to encourage girls to think, which is why I put that on my butt,” she said in a press conference following the event. “It’s really about what’s up here, and not what’s [down] here.”

. . . Have we mentioned how much we adore her?

Wilson is no stranger to being a very vocal role model for the importance of body acceptance, and this was no exception. Pitch Perfect in particular has an amazingly diverse cast, and it’s wonderful to know that the girls are just as self-assured and rad in real life as they are on the screen.

“We’ve got a whole bunch of girls [in the Bellas]. We’re all different shapes and sizes and nationalities, and I think that one of the messages in this movie is that we’re all beautiful,” Wilson said.

We couldn’t agree more. In a time where our need for body diversity in media has never been more essential, Wilson and the rest of the Bellas continue to slay. As if Anna Kendrick’s refusal to “pose sexy” wasn’t reason enough for us to love the Bellas infinitely, this is just added proof that ladies behind our favorite a cappella group forever remain aca-awesome.

The outfit change was an added surprise in comparison with what Wilson wore on the red carpet — an adorable, understated little black dress with a hot pink-lined cape. She debuted her second (and ridiculously awesome) ensemble to introduce an exclusive Pitch Perfect 2 clip during the awards ceremony itself, and you better believe the crowd (and all of us watching at home) totally loved it. Her get-up was a nod, or rather a jab, at Victoria’s Secret—a brand which has certainly taken some heat lately (see Lane Bryant’s latest campaign) for its idealization of narrow beauty standards.

“I think sometimes girls look at Victoria’s Secret models and think that they have to model themselves after that, but I really don’t think that’s the best,” she said in a press conference after the event. Wilson’s message, along with her 20 pound wings, was for real: she reminded us that we are all beautiful, inside and out — and that models, especially role models, come in all sizes.

It’s not the first time Wilson has brought some next level amazingness to the MTV Movie Awards (in case you forgot, she hosted the show last year and it was all kinds of brilliant), and we know it won’t be the last.

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