Credit: Soragrit Wongsa/Unsplash

Singlehood knows no seasons. That said, the fact remains that living the single life is a little better in some seasons than others. Winter is generally known as a coupling season, for reasons we can only guess have a lot to do with body heat. Spring is said to bring on a fever, aka, everyone can see each other’s skin for the first time in months and it makes us a little crazy. But summer, a time of socializing, milking the long days, taking advantage of all the festivals and activities in your city, is a great time to fly solo. By which we mean, dating your own damn self.

Summer happens to be this writer’s favorite season, and she’s learned that she’s best able to take advantage of its full, glorious offerings, when she’s not obligated to mind anyone else’s needs but her own. Forget #summerselfies; we’re talking #summerselfish!

1 Beach (or Park) Days Every Day

Going to the beach alone is THE BEST. Sure, beach days with friends is a blast, too, but when you’re solo, you’ve got no one to pressure you in to getting there or leaving earlier than you want to. If you want to just sleep in the sun or read or lounge around, you’ve got nothing holding you back. Or if you want to surf or swim all day, there’s no one you’re feeling guilty about keeping company back on the sand. Plus, if you are on the lookout for a new bae, you’ll definitely look available, all alone on the beach. Not near a beach? Hit the park!

2 Premium Concert/Festival Seating

Flying solo at concerts or festivals is the easiest way to score a best seat. You can be a seat nomad, and find yourself a great spot. This is even possible in reserved-seating stadiums since there’s usually one seat somewhere in a better location than yours, just sitting there unclaimed. Also, sneaking into the General Admission floor area of big stadiums is way easier if you’re alone.

3 All the Happy Hours

Your time, your money, your rules. You want to go for happy hour after work for the third time this week? No one to tell you no.

4 All the Working Out

Similar to #4: You wanna do all the outdoor yoga classes, go on every hike, hit every pool? Go for it. Your time is completely your own. Fitness is the best bae, anyway.

5 Netflix and Chill Yo’self

Too hot outside to do anything? You haven’t watched My So-Called Life in its entirety in over a year? The time is now. Order in. Or buy that paté that only you love. Treat yourself to a fancy bottle of wine or three. Sit back and binge on all the Jordan Catalano your heart desires.

6 Meeting People

Did you know it’s actually easier to meet people in the summer than in any other season? Okay, we found no actual statistic to back this up, but we’re certain it’s true. Everyone’s outside. See: beach, mountains, happy hours, outdoor festivals, rooftop parties, etc. All the parks and beaches and bars are teeming with hotties. If you’re attached, you’re not going to meet any of them, obvs. So live it up while you’re single.

7 Single Vacays, Yay!

Traveling alone is also THE BEST. Few other activities allow for you to get to know yourself and the world as well as solo traveling. You don’t have to coordinate your schedule with anyone else’s, or deal with anyone else’s weird hang-ups (can’t deal with crowds, doesn’t like to get up early, acid reflux with every meal, or finicky dietary restrictions). Your time, your money, your whims and desires: the world is your oyster.

8 Bedtime Temperature Control

You like to keep your room ice-cold at night? Or you prefer a little mugginess? Either way, the control is in your hands.

9 No Distractions

You can finally get to that crawling ivy project you wanted to put up in your backyard, or finish that novel you’ve been sitting on for two years, or finally repaint your bedroom, since your ex moved out. The time is now.

10 All the Reads

Every book on your list. Date them. Love them. Commit time to them. They will reciprocate. You and your books will have the best, and most lasting summer fling you’ve ever had.

11 Style it Up

Your ex hated that thrifted muumuu that you love. He thought your favorite peplum hotpants were unflattering. She preferred your hair back. Now that you’re single, no one can tell you how to be or how to look. Let your hair go wild. Rock those peplums. Dig out that muumuu and where it all day, everyday. Your spirit will glow, and all will see what a happy, free person you are when left to your own devices.