Rachel Paige
March 29, 2016 11:38 am
Liz Nathalie Diaz/Facebook

Go ahead and stop working on your Rey and Finn costume for the next comic convention/Halloween/every-day life right now, because you’re never going to compare to the Star Wars outfits we’ve just seen. This past weekend at the Salt Lake Comic Con, one trio dressed as our favorite group from Force Awakens, and even had a baby BB-8, too. This isn’t just #CostumeGoals, this is straight up #LIFEGOALS.

If this isn’t already adorable as it is, the Rey and Finn here are actually ENGAGED and their BB-8 is their own precious BABY and this is simply too much for our hearts to handle. In real life, the couple is Victor and Julianne of Salt Lake City, with their little baby girl Addy. It’s safe to assume that both are big Star Wars fans, and little Addy is going to grow up wanting to be a Jedi. Or a droid. Her choice.

Judging from the pictures on Facebook, this group was a huge hit at the SLCC, and we desperately want to meet them and hang out in real life. Quick, what can we dress as to join this group? They need a Poe Dameron don’t they??

Oh, wait. They found a Poe.

Do they maybe need a Kylo Ren? Nope.


Shoot, we’re quickly running out of costumes to join this group. OK, so what about a Han-in-carbonite, Boba Fett, and Sabine from Star Wars: Rebels?

Rey and Finn Julianne and Victor have got their Star Wars friends covered, so we’ll keep brainstorming characters to dress as to be friends with them IRL. They’re also proud parents to the HAPPIEST BABY EVER. As if it even needs to be said, the Force is clearly strong with them.