My So-Called Life may have been short-lived at only one season, but it has our hearts forever. Since the show didn’t get the proper series finale it deserved, real life has filled in some of the gaps. Angela Chase grew up, became a brilliant actress and won a couple of Emmys and some Golden Globes, and Jordan Catalano went on to form a majorly successful rock band and landed an Oscar in the process. But what about Rayanne Graff—Angela’s bestie—the troubled, beautiful badass with the super ’90s hair we all wanted?

Well, Allison Joy Langer, who played Rayanne Graff, is SERIOUSLY rocking this thing we call life after walking the halls of Liberty High. Yep, our girl is an official British noblewoman. Langer, 41, met Charlie Courtenay, then a British Lord and heir to the Earldom of Devon, in 2002 (at the Hard Rock Circle Bar in Las Vegas. . . yeah, not as royal of a story as meeting at a ball, but this is real life).

She had no idea that he was part of the aristocracy upon meeting. “He was wearing a kilt—on tour with London Scottish Rugby,” she told Breezy Mama back in 2009. “We smiled at each other across the crowded room. . . I had no idea about the castle or titles or anything until he drove me up the driveway months into our relationship—which was good ‘cause I wouldn’t have known what to do with that information anyway.”

It all worked out in the end and the two were married in 2005. And this month, Langer officially became a Countess, when Courtenay claimed the title of Earl of Devon on August 18th.

“There’s a lot to learn,” she told People after her wedding. “What a job it is to run a castle.”

Along with nobility comes the 4,000-acre Powderham Castle, located near the English Channel, which the couple share with their two kids, Lady Joscelyn, 8, and Lord Jack, 6. (Seriously, their kids are Lord and Lady.)

“We don’t use the titles in our daily lives,” she told Breezy Mama. “They are there and we respect the history that gave rise to them, but in our reality we’re just a normal family.”

So humble, Countess. Either way, your so-called life is so-called rad.

(Images via ABC)