slo mo guys destroying random objects
Credit: The Slo Mo Guys /

Judge all you please, but tearing up stuff is a perfectly healthy human response to stress. There’s no harm in obliterating an inanimate object that no one values, and no one gets it more than the Slo-Mo Guys, who destroyed random objects in slow motion in the desert, of all places.

We could totally see how such a remote location would be suitable for having adult-sized hissy fits that involve you, say, setting fire to your favorite childhood toys, or ripping to shreds something that’s extremely cute and innocent (see: Mar Cuervo destroyer GIFs and tell us you don’t wanna smash a cookie with your bare hands, arghhh).

Way out there in the open, where nothing and no one can judge you is the perfect spot to unleash all the angst and anxiety life has mercilessly heaped upon you. But since The Slo-Mo Guys are into filming their acts of destruction, here’s how it looks IRL:

As they mentioned in the clip, this destruction event wasn’t your average ugh-im-so-pisssed-lemme-throw-something-at-a-wall meltdown.

Anyone patient (and maybe, angry) enough to sit through the original video watched it unfold during a two-hour (!) livestream that was centered around the theme of Carl’s Jr. (who sponsored the vid) and Hardee’s “breaking up with their past,” which somehow translated to blowing up a box of bikinis with a pyro charge; smashing bottles of cologne with a baseball bat; and driving a police car through a huge sign.

If you have enough pent-up aggression and plenty of time on your hands, check out the full event at