Imagine spending months and months planning your dream outdoor wedding. . . only to have the skies open up and torrentially downpour during your reception. Sounds like anyone’s wedding nightmare, right? Yeah, think again.

Back in September, Jessica Gower, 30, was understandably worried when the weather was looking a little gray before her wedding day with her husband, Nick, in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. “We had gone up on the Thursday night and it was misty and freezing cold and I was really worried about what it was going to be like,” Jessica told Daily Mail Australia. “On the Saturday morning it was raining and quite cloudy and I had to make a call on whether we had the wedding outside or not by midday.”

But Jessica decided to take her chances. “In the lead up I was stressed but on the day — even though there were clouds in both directions — I decided to just go ahead and have it on the lawn overlooking the lake like I’d always imagined,” she told Daily Mail. “. . . we had umbrellas to give everyone if it did rain.”

Luckily, the sun peaked out from the clouds during the ceremony, but it started raining during the reception. And fate was on their side — as well as an incredibly talented photographer, Thomas Stewart. “It was very gloomy all day, and there were a few showers but nothing major,” Thomas told The Huffington Post. “Then during the reception, while people were dancing, I ducked outside for some fresh air and happily found that it was raining.”

Jessica and Nick said sure — after all, Jessica’s dress was already “trashed” from the weather. “We were out on the driveway of the venue and it was really nice because Nick and I wanted to spend some moments together so we were really happy to outside and have that time together,” Jessica told Daily Mail. “Thomas said it would be awesome — he called it a drizzle shot — and we went out in the [freezing] cold so we were close together and just having a moment.”

And we’re pretty sure Thomas has just started a new wedding photography trend, because the results are absolutely gorgeous. The two are standing in the rain, with light making them glow as if it’s light from love itself, standing underneath an umbrella, and IT’S BEAUTIFUL, GUYS:

“When we saw the photo the next morning on Facebook I was just totally blown away – it was amazing and heaps of people were sharing it and saying it was like a fairytale,” Jessica told Daily Mail. “It was so worth getting out in the rain for — listen to your photographers, they know what they’re doing.”

In fact, Thomas had been hoping it would rain the whole time, because he knew he’d be able to nail a great shot; he got it done in FIVE FRAMES. “I secretly love when it rains during the reception,” he told Daily Mail. “We were in there and it started to pitter patter outside and I got pretty excited and had this idea for a shot and suggested I set up the shot. I didn’t want to drag them out so I went out and shot five frames and we went back inside — I’m very conscious of the fact that it’s their wedding and they want to be having fun.”

This isn’t the first time Thomas’s excellent knowledge of wedding photography has made him go viral. Just the other day, his post about the importance of unplugged weddings was being shared all over Facebook. “[The bride and groom] want you there with them in heart and soul, and they want to see your tear-filled eyes as you form part of their wedding ceremony,” he wrote in his post. “You are witnesses to their marriage, so for goodness sake, watch them with your eyes and your minds, not your phones.”

Thomas, can we hire you and your wisdom to take pictures of our entire lives? Please and thank you.

(Images via Instagram, Shutterstock.)