Kathryn Lindsay
March 30, 2015 6:00 am

Let’s face it: being a college student in the world of the Internet can be scary. It sometimes seems like you can’t do anything without it appearing on social media, and that’s not always a good thing. Luckily, Tracy Goldberg, a student at SUNY Purchase, has created a way to change all that. Through her internship at Purchase’s Wellness Center, Tracy came up with the idea for “Snaps of Kindness,” a Snapchat account specifically for sharing acts of kindness in the Purchase community.

It works like this: SUNY Purchase students are encouraged to send “snaps” of their random act of kindness to the account. Then, the Random Acts of Kindness Committee will choose a winner, based on creativity and, of course, kindness. The winner could get gift cards or snacks, but mostly, they’ll get that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with making somebody’s day a little bit better. The first act of kindness documented: somebody left envelopes of cash on vending machines around campus.

“randomsnapsofkindness” leaves two dollars for a stranger so they can buy something at the vending machine!

Success! At a time when campuses around the country are fraught with incidents of bullying, racial tension, harassment and abuse, spreading positive love through simple acts means a lot for student morale.

“I like the idea of promoting positive energy, and allowing it to spread like wildfire,” Tracy told The Journal News. “I thought that Snapchat would be the best platform for my project because I’d like to promote the idea that although a photo or video may fade and disappear in a matter of seconds, the students’ actions are lasting and the impact they will have made on the community will not be forgotten.”

Tracy herself is a SUNY Purchase junior majoring in Arts Management, and through her work with the Wellness Center, has discovered one of her true passions.

While the project isn’t set to start officially until April 13, Snaps of Kindness is already inspiring others through their social media platforms. Their Twitter feed is filled with inspiring messages, from Parks and Recreation gifs to thought-provoking articles that will inspire you to be a better person. Their Facebook page serves a similar purpose. Looking for the perfect green smoothie recipe? They’ve got it. Wanna cheer yourself up with a happy photo? There are tons!  See?

It’s truly a wealth of positivity just waiting to be explored.

What’s so great about Internet movements like this is that there’s no limit to who’s affected. While Tracy has started this project specifically for her college, we’re hoping it’s something that spreads to more campuses around the country.

(Images via Facebook)