Fridays are a relief to the work week and Saturdays are busy with plans and events. But there is one cozy day that is set aside for rest, cuddles and hot coffee: Sunday. Songs are dedicated to the lovely, lazy day, newspaper crossword puzzles are more fun and, at many restaurants, it’s never too late for brunch. If you need any inspiration this Sunday, look no further. Here are some Pinterest-worthy notes summing up the routine that is today.

Sunday mornings are a magical, relaxing reset button to start your week.

In fact, there’s something a little romantic about having nowhere to go . . .together.

And, if you do get moving around 10 a.m., there’s plenty of time for brunch!

On Sundays, there is time to reflect on what is good.

Perhaps a Sunday nap?

Suddenly, everyone is on Facebook again. Did you make the most out of your weekend? FOMO sets in . . .

You just got a text, should you got out for a late dinner on a work night?

Wait, tomorrow is Monday?!

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