On the ground at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C, we found it so heartwarming to see all those people out in the streets for justice and human rights. As impressive as all those massive crowds were, however, we also remembered that a crowd is made up of individuals. We wanted to find out the reasons individual marchers had come to Washington, and so we interviewed several protesters.

Their reasons for being in Washington were an amazing rainbow.

Some came for the kids in their life.

— Sheikha, Virginia

— Joy, Florida

— Sherry, Indiana

Others just felt that this was the wrong time to be silent.

— Jordon, Baltimore, MD

— Julie, Syracuse, NY

— Jane, Washington, DC

— Cynthia, Virginia

Not surprisingly, the new administration was a major motivating factor.

— Jack, Michigan

— Lisa, Maryland

Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images

— Thomas, Virginia

— Laurie, New Orleans

But there was a fierce core of hope, determination, and the desire to fight for equality for all.

— Chelsea, CT

— Debra, Florida

We were honored to meet so many protesters, each there with their own reasons and motivations. Together, we will all write the future, and yesterday was an inspiring beginning to the story we want to tell.