Rachel Paige
March 02, 2015 9:19 am

These past few days we’ve been so obsessed with “The Dress” question that we’ve managed to neglect a lot of other really viral and SERIOUS stories from around the world. Like, for example, how our friends in Australia are taking selfies with quokkas, aka the most adorable/happy looking animals ever. Can we stop arguing about colors for a hot second, and look at these selfies because these are so crazy-cute we don’t even know what so say.

Quokkas are marsupials native to Australia, and they’re a cousin of both the koala and the kangaroo. They’re also full-time smizing and have actual smiles plastered across their adorable little faces 99% of the time, which makes them prime subjects for only the happiest selfies ever. You can’t exactly go and cuddle with a quokka, though, because they’re on the IUCN Red List, which means that they’re a threatened species out in the wild. This, however, doesn’t mean that the quokka is afraid of humans — because they’re not. Nope, these little quokkas basically see an iPhone and think, “oh gosh, lemme jump in real fast.” The results are truly heavenly.

Now for the big question, do you want to continue to fight over colors of a dress, or get on a plane and fly to Australia right now to go meet a quokka in person? I doubt “The Dress” will smile big for a picture.

Images via here.