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back to school quirky things
Credit: Oriental Trading / Francesca / Target

It’s that time of year again, when everyone’s coming home from their vacations and it’s time to get back to the real world. That’s right, summer is almost over and it’s time to get back-to-school. But don’t panic! We have found the funnest, quirkiest back to school supplies to make sure that your return to school is anything but dull!

For Your Desk

1. Pitch Perfect Pencils

Credit: thecarboncrusader / www.etsy.com

Aca-scuse us? Yeah, that’s right, you can get pencils featuring quotes from our favorite musical comedy, Pitch Perfect. Find them on Etsy for $8.00.

2. Ruby Post-It Dispenser

Credit: Post-It

We could all use a little bedazzling in our lives, and this ruby Post-It holder really classes up our favorite stickies. Find this and other themed dispensers at Amazon for $10.00.

3. Ice Cream Sandwich Journal

Credit: Modcloth

Going back to class and having to take endless notes on the American Revolution may seem like a bore, but NOT when you’ve got a notebook this cute to write them in. Bonus, this journal will also constantly make you crave ice cream, and we can’t have enough ice cream. Find this tasty treat on Modcloth for $12.99.

4. Naughty Pencil Case

Credit: Wild & Wolf

We all need a fun place for our pens and pencils to party, and it’s always fun to have a little sassiness (and nautiness in your bag. Get your supplies all hot and bothered with this pencil case from Amazon for $10.90.

5. Nose Pencil Sharpener

Credit: Oriental Trading

School can be a little dull, so sometimes you need something that makes you giggle even when your science teacher is rambling on about different kinds of sediment. Like this pencil sharpener! All your classmates will be very NOSEY about what keeps making you snicker. You can send them to Amazon to find it for $4.89!

6. Lipstick Highligters

Credit: Francesca

Don’t accidentally smear these adorable lipstick-shaped highlighters on your lips, because your mouth might be a little more neon than you’d like. But these fun highlighters will make all your textbooks very stylish. You can pick up a set of multiple shades at Amazon for $13.79.

7. Grass Pencil Holder

Credit: Modcloth

After a summer of open water, sandy beaches and fresh forest hikes, it’s tough to spend all that time stuck in a classroom. Why not bring a little greenery inside with this absolutely adorable pen holder. Find this grassy pen cup on Modcloth for $14.99.

8. Tiny Backpack

Credit: Target

Why stop at just a normal-sized backpack, when you can also get a tiny one! We all know that tiny things are more adorable than regular-sized things, so you have to pick up one of these fabulous storage packages from Target for the mini price of just $4.99.

9. WTF Stamp


You know when you get an Algebra problem that looks like it was written in hieroglyphics? Well, now you can have a stamp that will vent your feelings. Express all levels of WTF with this self-inking stamp from Amazon for $7.99.

10. Crocodile Staple Remover

Credit: Office Playground

We always thought that staple removers looked a little violent, so why not just own in. We want to remove ALL the staples with this crocodile-headed chomper. And you can, if you pick it up at Office Playground for a jaw-droppingly low $3.79.

11. Rubber Band Ball

Credit: Target

Okay, this is just cheating! A pre-made rubber band ball eliminates all of the fun that goes into collecting enough rubber bands. Although, we do love all of the colorful bands available in this from Target for $2.79.

12. Eiffel Tower Scissors

Credit: Target

If you got to spend your summer vacation in Europe, and, once you get back home, you feel a little nostalgic for the brasseries and the chapeaus, pick up a pair of these Eiffel Tower shears. Then you’ll always have a little piece of France in your backpack. Pick one up at your local Target for $12.99.

Tech Supplies

13. Banana iPad Case

Credit: Kate Spade

Finding the perfect thing to wrap up your technology, and it’s the perfect way to stand out. We love this adorable banana print case for your iPad mini by Kate Spade for $70.00.

14. Emoji Keyboard Cover

Credit: Urban Outfitters

It’s always disappointing when you have to write school essays in regular, English characters rather than the emojis we use to express ourselves via text. Now, you can at least feel like instead of typing the “t” in the word “the,” we’re typing a smiling pile of poop. And it also comes with software, so you CAN use emojis when you want to. You can pick up your own emoji keyboard cover at Urban Outfitters for $25.

15. Old School Typewriter Keyboard


Sometimes all this technology feels a little too futuristic, and you’re longing for a little vintage charm. Well, now you can use this fabulous typewriter keyboard with your iPad, so you feel a little like Hemingway when you’re writing an essay on The Old Man and the Sea. It’s a little spendy, but you can find this quirky typewriter at the QuerkyWriter website for $349.00.

Locker Swag

16. Locker Chandelier

Credit: Target

Locker style is absolutely key, especially since it’s one of the only spaces at school that belongs to just you. Luckily, these days there are tons of options to decorate your locker, and our fave is probably this chandelier. Your locker will be the fanciest one in the row with this dangling from the top of it. Pick up your very own locker chandelier at Target for $14.99.

17. Locker Disco Ball

Credit: Target

Chandeliers might not be your thing. Some people want to put a little more party in between classes. If that’s more you, why not decorate with this disco ball? It’s reflective, shiny and will make you want to dance your way to Algebra class. This nonstop locker party is also available at Target $8.99.

18. Locker Wallpaper

Credit: Target

We all know that the insides of lockers aren’t exactly the classiest, so if you don’t want to stare at the fading metal, now you can cover it up with this polka-dot locker wallpaper that you can find at Target for $7.99.

19. Beaded Curtain for Your Locker


Why stop at ceiling decoration and wallpaper? We can even bling it up with a locker bead curtain. It’s the perfect way to make taking out your textbooks feel fancy, and we love the delicate tinkle of the beads against the locker wall. Also available for your blinging pleasure at Target for $6.99.

20. Fuzzy Locker Rug

Credit: LockerLookz

And since the rest of your locker is feeling so fancy, you can’t just let your books sit on the hard, cold metal. You’ve got to rest them comfortably on a colorful, plush locker rug. You can get this delightful locker rug at LockerLookz for $6.97.


21. Tiny Fridge Lunchbox

Credit: Modcloth

When it comes to lunchtime, sit down with this adorable tiny refrigerator-shaped lunchbox. But what looks like simply a tiny ’50s fridge is actually a bento box lunchbox that keeps all the bits of your lunch handily separated. You’ll be the coolest kid with a brown bag lunch with this lunchbox from Modcloth for $17.99.