Teri Wilson
Updated June 02, 2016 12:34 pm
Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images

At 90, Queen Elizabeth II is clearly living her best life. AND WE ARE LOVING IT.

Today is the 63rd anniversary of her coronation! The queen began her reign 63 years ago today, which is a really big deal. Not only is 63 years is an incredibly impressive long time to hold any one job, but it also makes her the longest reigning monarch in British history.

Her Majesty has a lot to celebrate these days. The queen turned 90 years old on April 21, and to mark the occasion, she’s rocking the cover of this month’s Vanity Fair, had her picture taken by Annie Leibovitz and will hold a massive public birthday celebration on June 11. (Because when you’re the Queen of England, your birthday lasts for months. Obviously.)

The birthday love has even extended across the pond to America, where the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans has created a very special birthday dessert for the queen. The hotel was inspired by the IRL Windsor Castle, which is Queen Elizabeth II’s official residence in Windsor in the English countryside. So of course they’re excited about her big birthday. Really excited.

Pastry Chef Shun Li has created a special birthday cake honoring the queen, and if you have a spare $90,000 lying around, you can have a bite of it. (We told you they weren’t messing around!) What makes a cake worth $90,000? You know, the usual, like being covered in 24 carat gold and topped with a giant ruby and diamond ring. It’s also decorated with gold-covered strawberries and a gold dusted-chocolate crunch. Because of course it is.

The Windsor Court Hotel

Beneath all that opulence is a dark chocolate cake with a Cristal Champagne fruit sauce of raspberry and passion fruit. YUM.

If you’ve still got some spare change after noshing on gilded cake, you can also experience one of the hotel’s Royal Birthday Packages, which include tea, a spa day, a tour of a fancy antique company and several nights in the Windsor Court digs.

We. Are. So. There.