Remember when the little old lady in The Wedding Singer got up on stage in her precious pink fringe shawl and spit “Rapper’s Delight” like she could rap it in her sleep? Well, that was the movies. (Big ups to Ellen Albertini Dow, who was 84 when The Wedding Singer was filmed and now, at 99, is still making movies.)

But this, my friends, is real life: Verna Owens, a 100-year-old journalist, poet at athlete at the Senior Games, y’all, just made her Easter Sunday service a LOT more interesting. Verna wrote and performed a rap at her Chesapeake, VA church, bringing some much needed flavor to typical tradition:

Yes yes y’all, and you don’t stop! I’m not totally sure what her lyrics are all about, but I feel that way more often than not when it comes to rap. One thing I AM sure of though, is that the much-loved old lady could totally take me in almost any sporting event, according to her 300 medals in the 50 meter walk, football kick and throw, softball hit and throw, bowling, billiards, cornhole, Frisbee bowl and Frisbee throw, shotput and discus.

Sit, stand, be amazed. Just make sure to wave your hands in the air like you don’t care when she takes the stage.