By Scott Friedstein, FluffPo Correspondent

According to reports, Greta the puppy has spotted an ice cream truck for the first time. Sources on the ground confirm that the pup has successfully identified the vehicle and is now running toward it at full speed.

“Whoa, look at her go!” says neighbor Greg Quinn. “I wonder what she’s going to get — maybe a sno-cone, or a fudgesicle… or maybe one of those Pink Panther pops with the gumballs for the eyes. Do they still make those? Either way, she looks pretty hungry.”

Greta was reported to be out on her afternoon walk when the familiar strains of Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer” caught her ear.

“Oh, boy. Once she heard that, it was all over,” says Helen Lloyd, a close friend. “Of course she doesn’t know that song, because she’s a dog. She still had to see what it was, though.”

When asked what Greta was after exactly, Lloyd could only speculate.

“I have no idea,” says Lloyd. “Maybe it’s one of those Choco Tacos. Or Push-Ups — those are nice. Or maybe it’s one of those Ninja Turtle pops with the gumballs for the eyes. It could be anything, really.”

At press time, The Fluffington Post could not confirm the puppy’s selection as she was still waiting in line.