When a puppy named Gracie heard that Zach Braff was Kickstarting a new film, she rushed to her computer.

“She is a huge fan of Garden State,” says her friend Carol Adams, referring to Braff’s last feature, released in 2004. “She saw someone post the Kickstarter on Facebook, and she got really excited.”

It was certain that Gracie would back the project, titled Wish I Was Here, but for how much?

“She started scrolling through the rewards section — a soundtrack, t-shirts, an advanced screening. Then, she saw it,” Adams explains. “The $10,000 level gets you a part in the movie!”

According to Adams, Gracie became so excited at the prospect of meeting Braff and being in one of his films, that she instantly went about making arrangements to sell her car.

“It’s not like she had $10,000 laying around,” says Adams. “But, she was able to sell her Ford Fiesta on Craigslist to scrape together the rest of it. Not the smartest financial move, but she’s young. I’m sure she’ll have a good time.”