Rachel Roderman
Updated Jan 30, 2015 @ 5:57 pm

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know that the Seahawks are playing the Patriots in the Super Bowl on Sunday, but what we’re all REALLY excited about is Team Ruff facing off against Team Fluff in Animal Planet’s very wonderful Puppy Bowl. The Puppy Bowl is EXACTLY what it sounds like: adorbs pups roughhousing with each other (and ALL the chew toys) in a miniature football stadium. Before this doggie bowl kicks off (3pm EST on Sunday) find out what some of the puppies do for their pre-game rituals, who they’re smack-barking, and what about the Big Game they’re most excited about.

[Disclaimer: We totally made up the dogs’ responses to our questions. Because… dogs can’t talk.]

Puppy Bowl Player: Papi / #40 / Team Fluff / Corgi Mix

HelloGiggles: Papi, take me through your final play in last year’s game!

Papi: Well, I’m the best Corgi in the game. When you try me with a sorry Lab Retriever like Crabtree, that’s the result you’re going to get. Don’t you ever bark about me!

Puppy Bowl Player: Blue / #4 / Team Ruff / Shnauzer Poodle Mix

HG: A big topic surrounding this bowl is the alleged ‘Deflate Gate.’ Care to weigh in on the controversy that has the whole nation talking?

Blue: I hate deflated toys as much as the next puppy, but to be honest, we’re professionals and we’ll play with whatever you give us. If we can rip it apart, great. If we can’t, we sure will try. Some of our star players have pretty small mouths so the deflated toys are actually an advantage for some. The league has made the move to plush footballs this year so, now that’s it’s no longer an issue, I hope we can put the gossip to bed.

Puppy Bowl Player: Mr. Fantastic / #37 / Team Fluff / Terrier Mix

HG: They call you “Mr. Fantastic.” Do you ever get overwhelmed by the pressure that comes with that name?

Mr. F: Pressure? What pressure? No way. I play like there’s no tomorrow. Sometimes it feels like seven years have passed but it’s only been one–that’s how in the zone I am when my head’s in the game. I also try yoga (check out my calendar, y’all!) to stay relaxed. I do it all for the love of the sport.

HG: Any words of wisdom for your fans?

Mr. F: My advice to fans? You gotta stop and smell the everything.

Puppy Bowl Player: Lee / #30 / Team Ruff / Boxer Mix

HG: Lee, you’re a role model to so many canines out here, but do you have a role model of your own?

Lee: Everyone in the game looks up to the greats: Air Bud Golden Retriever, Marley, Beethoven. But I think it’s important not to put too many dogs on pedestals. That way you can focus on achieving realistic (and possibly even greater) goals for yourself as an individual.

HG: Bingo! Well said.

Lee: Oh yeah, and Bingo.

Puppy Bowl Player: Pepper / #42 / Team Fluff / Boston Terrier Mix

HG: You are by far the player with the most impressive stats coming into Puppy Bowl XI. You’ve got more yards per game than any other puppy. Are you itching for more?

Pepper: I love that stat. It’s true. I do have more yards per game and that’s all thanks to the cul-de-sac that I live on. When we play I can run through five if not six yards per game depending on how many shrubs I have to get around. And since the flea medication, the itching has stopped but I’m still trying to beat my own personal bests each game.

Puppy Bowl Player: Maxwell / #35 / Labrador Retriever Mix / Team Fluff

HG: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Maxwell: I tend to sleep for about 14-20 hours if I can. I’ll wake up and eat something in my bowl or jump on the table and grab a bite. Then I tend to lay pretty low and just gnaw on the couch or take my human out for a walk to let them pick up my poop.

Enjoy the Puppy Bowl XI and fall in love with all the cutie doggies! Adopt the puppies you see by visiting the AnimalPlanet website.

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