Gina Mei
Updated May 11, 2015 9:54 am

When you have a case of the Mondays, sometimes the best cure is just an extra dose of adorable — and we can think of few better ways to get your fix than some puppies in pajamas. Lucky for us, there’s a new Instagram in town that features the créme de la créme of the #dogsinpajamas hashtag, and it’s just as amazing as it sounds. Thanks to @pupsinpajamas, dogs in onesies and endless joy on a Monday afternoon are just a double tap away. If work/school/life is getting you down today, know that it’s totally OK to take a break and reset your brain — and what better way than with some sleepy pups wearing their bedtime best? Here are just a few of our favorites from @pupsinpajamas and #dogsinpajamas.

This lil cutie likes to wear his holiday PJs year round.

And this cutie totally gets how we all feel about stairs

This fur baby has some super deluxe house slippers.

But this one is redefining “boots with the fur.”

In case you didn’t know, puppies like to spoon, too.

But some prefer a softer bedtime buddy.

This pup is totally ready for a bedtime story.

And this one wants to stay in her PJs all day long.

These two are slumber party ready.

And this pup loves having breakfast in bed.

This is the look on everyone’s face when they realize it’s Monday morning.

But to make it all better, here’s that feeling when a chair/couch is way softer than you thought it was going to be. (This dog gets it.)

For more canine cuties, check out the @pupsinpajamas Instagram, or the #dogsinpajamas hashtag for an endless supply of Monday adorable.

(Images via Instagram, featured via.)