Police in Tuscon, AZ have released a puppy named Linkie after they mistakenly arrested him during a state-wide bunny hunt. The actual suspect, a rabbit named Flopsy-Poo, has been on the run from authorities for three days after an alleged celery heist at a local Safeway supermarket.

“We regret the error,” said Tuscon police chief Harold Aimes at a press conference Monday. “Linkie just has such poofy white hair, we had no idea he wasn’t a bunny until we brought him back to the station for questioning.”

To the credit of the authorities, the resemblance is uncanny.

“Linkie often gets mistaken for a small white rabbit at the park when running freely through the grass,” says Ryan Maza, a close friend of the dog. “Further, Linkie bounces and leaps when he runs.”

Submitted by Ryan Maza.

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