We’ll be the first to admit that food is probably the highlight of our day. These days, we’re really into meal prep and re-using ingredients — and what better way to show our love for food than through pins and art?

Recently, we became huge fans of Kelsey DeLange’s punny work. DeLange, the creative mind behind Honey and the Hive, combines our favorite food items with hilarious puns for a match made in food lover’s heaven. DeLange shares lots of behind-the-scenes shots on her Instagram account, which boasts more than 47,000 followers.

You can check out all of DeLange’s work here.


“I’m just a happy little lady, painting happy little things!” DeLange told HelloGiggles. “I love taking simple, every day objects and making them fun! My work focuses on bright colors, simple, clean compositions and sassy puns. Creating art has always made me happy, and I love that I’m able to make quirky art that in turn puts a smile on other people’s faces.”


We definitely giggled a little when we came across these pieces. We wouldn’t mind adding one of these punny pins to our growing collection of eye-catching flair.

Her bright aesthetic and quirky sense of humor make these pieces super memorable. We might be adding some to our holiday wish list (because it’s never too early, right?)


Photos courtesy of Kelsey DeLange.