Gina Mei
March 20, 2015 3:14 pm

It’s just been announced that Mr. T is getting his own home improvement show on the DIY network, where, according to a news release via Business Wire, he will “smash outdated spaces to give families beautifully remodeled rooms.”

“Before I worked in show business, I worked in the demolition business,” said Mr. T in the release, “And even after I made it in Hollywood, I kept on building things.”

The best part? The show is going to be called I Pity the Tool, and that is just about our favorite thing we’ve ever heard in our entire lives and has our pun-loving hearts fluttering with joy. And because we love to get down with some clever puns, it got us thinking about all the other celebrity-hosted TV shows that we wish existed. Here are just a few of the ones we came up with.

1. The White Stuff, starring Betty White

Because a Betty White talk show is long, long overdue.

2. Absence of Malik, starring One Direction

In which we follow everyone’s favorite modern day boy band, and watch how they cope when Zayn Malik is no longer able to tour with them. (We know, we know — we don’t even want to think about the possibility, either.)

3. The Rock From The Sun, starring Dwayne Johnson

The Rock stars as a sun god sent to protect Earth from destruction. (Kind of like Thor, but with more wrestling catchphrases.)

4. The Fey-Team, starring Tina Fey

A show that follows Tina Fey’s badass girl gang of empowered women and basically provides us with inspiring gif material in every episode.

5. J-Law & Order, starring Jennifer Lawrence

Where Jennifer Lawrence solves crimes while staying totally relatable and down to earth. These are her stories — BONG BONG. (Maybe Taylor Swift would even name her next cat after her?)

6. There Will Be Rudd, starring Paul Rudd

Because everything is better with Paul Rudd, this will just be a half hour of him awkwardly dancing/being adorable.

7. (Hey) Girls, starring Ryan Gosling

Basically Girls, but with Ry-Gos as a super supportive bestie to all the lead characters and constantly dropping empowering compliments that start with “hey girl.”

8. Saved by the Kristen Bell, starring Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell reprises her role as teenage Veronica Mars, and transfers from Neptune to Bayside High. Can’t you just imagine Veronica hanging out at The Max with the rest of the gang?

9. The Deschanels of Our Lives, starring Zooey and Emily Deschanel

If our favorite celebrity siblings ever had a reality show, this would be it (and you best believe we would be tuning in every week).

10. Downtown Abbeyoncé, starring Beyoncé Knowles

We know, we know — it’s “Downton” — but wouldn’t it be amazing to get an insider’s scoop on Beyoncé’s life in downtown NYC before she makes the move to LA (which is a thing that is apparently happening)?

11. Stone Tree Hill, starring Emma Stone

A mash-up of One Tree Hill and Easy A — because we need more of Emma Stone’s comedy genius in everything always.

12. Eat, Tay, Love, starring Taylor Swift

A reality show that compiles all the adorable things that T-Swift does for her fans on the daily — because it just makes us feel warm and fuzzy all over, okay?!

13. Marco Poehler, starring Amy Poehler

A comedy news show in the style of Last Week Tonight/The Daily Show, in which Amy Poehler calls out gender double standards in the news, and then highlights the most empowering stories about women for the day. We would binge-watch the heck out of this.

14. The Glass Minajerie, starring Nicki Minaj

Onika shows us how to break the glass ceiling by setting an awesome example in the hip hop/rap game. We all take notes.

15. Wiigin’ Out, starring Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig gets a sketch show of her own — because we all miss her amazing work on SNL and need more of her flawless characters in our lives.

I Pity the Tool is slated to premiere later this year, and we can’t wait to see it!

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