Gina Vaynshteyn
January 04, 2015 11:55 am

You might have heard of the Beyonce class being offered at Rutgers, and that Frostburg State University at Maryland has a class called The Science of Harry Potter, but did you know that a Seinfeld psychology class also exists? Well, it does, and it’s super cool. Taught at Rutgers’ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, the “course” is called “Psy-Feld” and it’s actually really brilliant.

Professor Anthony Tobia believes that being able to analyze Seinfeld‘s dynamic (and often times troubled) characters could clue us in on IRL psychological issues and aspects of our personalities and lives. According to New Jersey, “Every Monday and Thursday, third- and fourth-year medical students in the hospital’s psychiatric rotation are assigned to watch the 6pm episode of Seinfeld on TBS.” In the morning, they have detailed discussions about what happened, and what “psychopathology was demonstrated.”

For instance, whenever George Costanza is a jerk to his own girlfriend, that could be identified as bonafide narcissism. Newman’s sense of self is always a hotly debated topic. Tobia said, “We actually have talked about Newman. . .and related him to Erik in The Phantom of the Opera.” And Elaine’s inability to form normal relationships always provides evocative subject matter to analyze.

A student told New Jersey, “In this way, it just gives you a more solid picture of the pathology rather than just giving you words.”

Can we please take this class, ASAP?

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