Caitlin Flynn
March 24, 2017 12:19 pm

Remember when we read dystopian novels and thought, “I can’t imagine living in a world like that?” Me too, but that memory is fading fast — and, in their latest move, activists used a depressingly relevant book as their inspiration for a protest. A group of protestors wore costumes inspired by The Handmaid’s Tale to the gallery of the Texas Senate to express their opposition to a bill that would ban the safest, most common method of second-trimester abortions.

The Margaret Atwood novel, which will debut on Hulu as a miniseries next month, takes place in a version of the United States that has been overtaken by a military dictatorship lead by Christian fundamentalists.

Their main goal? To take away women’s rights and force them into reproductive subservience.


The attire donned by the protestors is a nod to the crimson robes and white bonnets the handmaids wear. After a disease sterilizes most of the population, the handmaids are forced to carry the next generation of humans — and they have no say in the matter.

Dystopian novels shouldn’t hit close to home, but the Texas abortion bill comes pretty close.

The bill poses a major danger because it forces women to become sicker before they can get a medically necessary abortion.

In some cases, a woman must be on the verge of a coma before a doctor can legally perform an abortion.

On Monday, the Texas Senate voted 21-9 in favor of the bill and it will now go to the state House.

In 2017, fact often seems stranger than fiction — and, in this case, it mirrors a fictional dystopia in a seriously frightening way.