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What would you do if you were a professor, but no one showed up to your class? Not one single soul. Would you wait? Would you leave and consider it a day off? Would you feel abandoned? Or would you begin to question your own mental health?

Adam Heath Avitable is one professor who found out what he would do in such a situation. And his response, all of which he tweeted, runs the gamut.

Avitable teaches a GED prep course at a college in Central Florida. Even though his course is non-traditional and his class attendance fluctuates between one to 10 people, he didn’t expect NO ONE to come.

Though we feel bad that his class was essentially ignored by every single student, we are grateful for the hilarity in the resulting twitter feed.

#Classwatch2017 is riveting.

Avitable posted another thread in which he muses on possible responses from a pretend student who didn’t make it to class.

We think Avitable should start teaching storytelling instead of algebra.