Single mom baby
Credit: Morgan King /

Parenting is hard. College is hard. Working and getting an education while being a single mom is exponentially harder.

Morgan King, 21, is a single mom attending the University of Tennessee. She couldn’t find someone to watch her 3-month-old daughter, Korbyn, during one of her classes. She then wrote her professor to explain why she couldn’t attend.

The professor’s heartfelt response to the single mom touched King so much, she shared the e-mail on Twitter.

Hunter finished the e-mail by noting that she marked the single mom’s absence as “excused.”

King explained on Instagram that she works and attends school full-time as a single mom. She used the now-viral tweet to express her gratitude for her professor’s understanding.

After the tweet earned more than 5,000 retweets, Hunter herself maintains that what she did was nothing special.

Allow this to serve as today’s reminder that good truly does exist in the world.