Sundi Rose
January 21, 2015 11:12 am

Professional wrestlers may look mildly terrifying, but a recent display of fan appreciation proved they can still be total softies at heart.

At this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw in Dallas, the usually super evil Triple H broke from character (remember the WWE is all about characters, you guys) to comfort an upset kid fan who was just feeling way too many feelings. The little boy became upset ringside during the show, and Triple H broke the compassion meter when he gave him a hug and brushed the hair from his face. Let’s break that down. A huge, professional wrestler known for being evil, couldn’t deal with a crying fan and totally caved to his ringside tears. Was there ever a better moment for, “awwwww?”

Fellow wrestling fan, and Twitter user, Chris Olds sat close to the young boy and captured the exchange with several pictures that he posted to Twitter. Olds later told that the boy moved closer to the ring to get a better view, but quickly started crying. He says, “Turns out kid was crying — either scared by Triple H looking at him or from what was going on with Cena. Next thing you know, Triple H stands up and walks up to him to give him the small hug, brush his hair.” That, as you may know, is the universal sign for “sweet guy.”

So here’s what was happening in the ring:  The little boy’s hero, John Cena, was taking on several other wrestlers while Triple H and wrestling valet Stephanie McMahon sat, scowling, ringside. Both of them are notoriously evil characters, Triple H having played a bad guy for almost 20 years in the organization. (He is also one of the Executive Vice Presidents and involved in most of the day-to-day activities of the multi-million dollar corporation.)

But none of that armor could stop him from taking a time out from his evil-doing to console the young crying fan, because compassion trumps performance every time (or at least this time). Not only did the young fan get a hug from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, he also got to take home quite a bit of WWE swag, and a pretty sweet invitation to hang with the wrestlers backstage.

This all goes to show, that inside all those super tough, meany characters is an endearing, protective dude waiting to get out. Applause to you Triple H, for just showing us once again that no book should ever be judged by it’s cover.