pringles thanksgiving chips
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Have you heard about Pringles’ Thanksgiving chips? Of course you have! They sold out online in 41 minutes, for heaven’s sakes. The Thanksgiving Pringles specialty pack, released November 13th, comes with three flavors—stuffing, turkey, and pumpkin pie—which was clearly intriguing to a lot of people because the packs are selling for as much as $200 on eBay right now.

If you grabbed a set, well done. And if you missed out on the limited-edition, online-only Thanksgiving Pringles, we’re very sorry. However, the HelloGiggles office conducted a very scientific taste test and shared our honest review below, so we hope you’ll read on and feel like you kind of tried these chips yourself.

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“I have to admit, I was pretty excited about trying these Thanksgiving Pringles. I’m all about a gimmicky chip. The stuffing: This was the most surprising because it REALLY tasted like stuffing! I swear I could taste the rosemary spices…the GRAVY! It was super weird, but in a good way. I seriously can’t believe stuffing Pringles exist.

The turkey was, sadly, the most disappointing. It didn’t really taste like anything recognizable. Very mild for my palate. Feel like they could have done better. Perhaps next year they could do a turducken chip? Spice things up.

The pumpkin pie was another wild one. While it’s not something I’d ever crave (I doubt I’ll crave any of these chips for the rest of my life), I have to say it was very accurate. I could clearly taste the nutmeg and cinnamon, and even the whipped cream. How wild is that?”

— Marie Lodi, senior beauty editor

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“Stuffing chip: This tasted good—but it only tasted like a typical Pringle! Maybe sour cream and onion? I couldn’t quite pick up the stuffing notes, but whatever was going on, I liked its saltiness and savoriness.

Turkey chip: Nooooo I could not do this one. It really evoked turkey for me, and as a vegetarian who has not eaten turkey in maybe 10+ years, I had a very guttural reaction to the first bite. If you are someone who enjoys turkey, then I think you’d like this chip.

Pumpkin pie chip: I really liked the pumpkin pie-flavor dust because I love the artificial pumpkin flavor that graces snack products in the fall and winter seasons. It was a little strange to my taste buds to get this flavor delivered via potato chip, but that would have been amazing on a cookie.”

—Rachel Sanoff, features editor

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“Yuck, double yuck, triple yuck!”

— Alyssa Morin, beauty editor

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“I don’t eat Pringles very often anymore, but they’re definitely still one of my guilty pleasures. However, I was extremely skeptical about these Pringles Thanksgiving chips because a) I haven’t eaten turkey in probably 20 years, b) I don’t really like stuffing, and c) pumpkin pie flavor, IMHO, belongs in the dessert world only.

But! I actually didn’t mind the turkey chip. I thought it was savory, sweet, and smoky, and it reminded me of a snack we have back home in Canada called Hickory Sticks. The stuffing chip was kind of meh for me, savory and salty but nothing to write home about. The only one that really icked me out (unsurprisingly) was the pumpkin pie. EW. No, thank you. I could, like Marie, taste the whipped cream. And it was not delicious.”

— Stephanie Hallett, senior lifestyle editor