Crystal Ro
July 25, 2016 3:58 pm
Disney / Vera Anderson / Getty

You may not be familiar with the voice talent behind your favorite Brave princess, Merida (or maybe you are if you’re a ~super~ Disney fan), but Scottish actor Kelly MacDonald has actually been a major talent-to-be-reckoned with for quite some time.

Michael Tran / Getty

Fans will know her from her recent turn as Margaret Thompson (née Rohan, formerly Schroeder) on HBO‘s Boardwalk Empire, or even as student (and Ewan McGregor’s paramour) Diane from the iconic ’90s film Trainspotting.

Miramax Films

But did you know she’s actually the QUEEN of vintage stylin’ on the red carpet?

Here she is looking like a throwback dream in this lemon-yellow summery dress.

Here she is rockin’ another long-sleeved dress, but this time in a print reminiscent of a gorgeous Kandinsky painting.

And here she is looking like a character straight out of Mad Men in this chic AF black dress and OMG Mary-Jane heels.

Even in this LBD she looks like a ’50s fantasy…

…just look at these retro-syled lace-up pumps!

Kelly MacDonald: Princess on-screen and sartorial Queen in our hearts.