Olivia Harvey
Updated Jul 28, 2017 @ 3:03 pm

Everything Prince Harry does lately is kind of adorable to us. Add kids to the mix and hoo-boy — cuteness overload. Prince Harry played sports with kids on Friday during a StreetGames’ Fit and Fed campaign summer activity session and our hearts HURT.

According to, Fit and Fed is an initiative that provides children in the United Kingdom with activity, companionship, and nutrition during school breaks.

Harry and the kids convened in East Ham, London’s Central Park to play soccer (or football if you’re a London local), tennis, and cricket. Both Harry and the kids look like they’re having an absolute blast.

Credit: Getty Images / Chris Jackson

During a shirts vs. jerseys game, Harry and his teammates shared strategies on how to come out victorious. Harry ended up with the ball and quickly tossed it to his teammate in the blue Adidas sneaks before the shirt team took control.

Credit: Getty Images / Chris Jackson

When Harry had the ball, the shirt team began to close in. He was surrounded, looking for an open jersey teammate —

Credit: Getty Images / Chris Jackson

— But Harry didn’t act fast enough! The ball was stolen by the shirts and Harry was tackled by a very small, yet very strong opponent.

Credit: Getty Images / Chris Jackson

And although it didn’t look like the shirts won, the Prince of Wales was there to comfort them at the end of the game (so. much. awwww.).

Credit: Getty Images / Chris Jackson

Losing is tough, but it builds character, guys. We promise.

Good game, Harry and kids. Playing sports with a prince seems to be a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. And yes, we’re incredibly jealous.