Briana Hansen
January 23, 2016 10:12 am

It’s finally the weekend. You’re tired and hungry and just want to curl up and eat a snack.

I get it. We all get it.

But nobody gets it as much as this cat, who, with one simple act, embodied all the things we wish we could be.

Here are just a few details that are necessary to point out to better appreciate the perfection that is this picture:

First of all, one glance at this brave cat’s eyes and you can tell he not only doesn’t care what you think about his decision, but he’s perfectly comfortable and could stay in this salty tub for hours. If only we could all be so confident in our own skin.

Second, one of his paws is waving a little “Hello.” Not only is he plenty comfortable, but he’s chill enough to give a shout out to the outside world, thereby reassuring us all that he’s totally fine, made this decision knowingly, and is happy to live in it. If only we could all be so present in the moment.

Third, his tail is out of the tub. Why? Because it adds extra little je ne sais quoi element that makes his curled up pose look truly graceful. If only we could all be so proactive about creating more beauty in the world around us.

Fourth, take a look at that mouth. He’s eating a pretzel. If any of the reasons I’ve just listed above aren’t enough to assure you that this cat is perfectly happy with the decisions he’s made in his life, the fact that he’s continuing to eat the very snack he loved enough to completely submerge himself in a tub of it should be persuasion enough. Not to mention it’ll make you wish you had the agility to do the same. If only we could all be so sure of every decision we’ve made.

I’ve certainly found myself surrounded by pretzels while curled into a little ball on my couch after a long day at work. But not only did it not look as graceful as this beautiful creature makes it seem, but the clean up from the salty-aftermath likely took a whole lot longer than I’m sure this did.

This cat is an inspiration. I thank him for his selfless act of snack-time bravery. May we all become a little more like him in our daily lives.

(Images via Facebook)