Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Apr 24, 2016 @ 8:05 am
Picture of Tyrion Lannister
Credit: HBO

This time next year, a new POTUS will be sitting in the oval office. Will it be Hillary Clinton? Maybe. Donald Trump? Possibly. Regardless of who you’re planning to vote for, we’ve discovered the candidate that everyone really wants to see in office: Tyrion Lannister.

Credit: Giphy

According to a poll conducted by SurveyMonkey, if Tyrion Lannister wasn’t a fictional character in the Game of Thrones universe, he could seriously have a future as our nation’s next president. He performed spectacularly well in their survey. Tyrion and Bernie Sanders tied for first place in the poll, each receiving 24 percent of the vote. Hillary Clinton received 20 percent, Daenerys Targaryen received 14 percent and Donald Trump received 7 percent.

Credit: SurveyMonkey

What’s more is that of those votes Tyrion received, they spanned across the political spectrum. “After a long and contentious primary season, we may finally have found someone who appeals to both Democrats and Republicans: Tyrion Lannister,” SurveyMonkey reported.

Credit: Giphy

Still, when asked which government was better functioning — the U.S. or the Seven Kingdoms — an overwhelming 75 percent of voters chose the U.S. government. We have to agree with that one.

When you head to the polls, remember: #VoteTyrion!