Madeleine Aggeler
December 16, 2016 1:15 pm
Cameron Park Zoo/Facebook

Normally we would say having two baby showers and registry of over 400 items is a little excessive, but in this case all the excitement is well-deserved. At the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas, Mei, an 18-year-old orangutan, is pregnant — and she is registered at Target for a baby shower.

Mei’s pregnancy is a huge deal. Orangutans are in danger of becoming extinct, and they have the longest interbirth period of any land mammal – between 7 and 9 years – so a new orangutan baby is both rare and exciting.

The zoo is celebrating by throwing baby showers on December 17th and 18th. Like any baby shower, the public is invited to come eat cake, ask invasive questions about the pregnancy, and bring gifts from Mei’s registry.

Two of Mei’s keepers went to Target to set up the 418 item registry (presumably Mei gave her input beforehand), which includes bedding, towels, baby shampoo, books, and movies, as well as two iPod shuffles, a GoPro camera, and Britney Spears’ Fantasy fragrance.

Mei and the baby’s father, an older gentleman named KJ, 28, are expecting their baby at the end of January. This will be their second child together. Their first son, Batari, was born in 2014, but sadly passed away after 6 months.

When Mei gets closer to her due date, she will be placed under 24/7 surveillance to watch for any potential complications.

If you would like to buy Mei and KJ a present, you can find the registry here, and you can get pictures and updates from the Cameron Park Zoo’s Facebook page here.