Star Wars Han Solo

As every Star Wars fan worth her salt knows, Harrison Ford (who plays the charming smuggler-turned-Rebel-scum Han Solo) wasn’t an actor before he landed the plum part in George Lucas’s original space opera trilogy. Instead, he was busy making a living as a carpenter, until the fateful moment when Lucas, who’d hired the young Ford to work on his house, asked him to try out some lines for this film he was working on. But there hasn’t been any photo evidence of Ford’s time working with wood . . . until now.

Presumably as an early Christmas gift to Star Wars fans, the musician Sergio Mendes shared a photo on his Facebook of the 28-year-old Ford as part of a carpentry crew. Mendes, who’d commissioned Ford and several other men to help him build a studio, is in the picture, as well as several of Ford’s crewmates. But we think we’re not alone when we say that the camera’s true focus is on the man who would become, among other iconic roles, Han Solo and Indiana Jones — even if he hadn’t perfected the art of mugging for red carpet photogs, he clearly already had the smile of a future star.

Check out the original post here; and for those of you who’ve already seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, take a moment to marvel at how far Ford has come: