Christina Wolfgram
Updated August 05, 2015 4:46 am

Dutch funny-men Alexander Spoor and Sacha Harland, the masterminds behind the YouTube comedy series series, Dit Is Normaal, recently pranked a bunch of people by showing them a fake iPhone loaded with Android software, under the guise that it was actually the new iOS 9. That Apple reboot actually won’t be available until this fall, and its development has been kept pretty under wraps. (We do know it will include the technology to track your period, so at least we are guaranteed one major improvement.)

The pranksters were out to prove that people automatically believe Apple’s iOS is better than Android, even though some of the features getting added to the iOS reboot have been part of the Android programming for years. Of course, we have to take anything on YouTube with a grain of salt because you never know how much something has been edited, but the video really does drive these guys’ theory home. Everyone who saw the Android in Apple clothing gushed about how much of an improvement this “easier,” “prettier” version of iOS is.

To be fair, one dude definitely called out the fact that the system looked exactly like Android’s, while another pledged his never-ending allegiance to Samsung. But, really, for the most part, Dit Is Normaal had their victims fooled.

After two minutes of listening to glowing reviews about Apples “iOS 9,” Captain Prankster took a moment to restate his hypothesis. “It doesn’t matter what Apple releases,” he said, “because people are going to think it’s prettier, bigger, and better than the competition anyway.” This video was made overseas, but it hits home: Sometimes it feels more comfortable to be loyal to a brand than to make the effort to be a smart consumer.

Luckily, after dropping this wisdom, Dat Is Normaal showed that breaking the Apple device cycle is far easier said than done:

Hilarious! Gotta love a cute Dutchman who doesn’t take himself too seriously. If you want to see more, check out the full video here.

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