Kit Steinkellner
Updated Sep 06, 2015 @ 11:22 am

We have the softest spot in our hearts for animals who think that they’re puppy dogs. They more unlikely the animal, the better. That’s why we are crushing pretty hard on Stinkers, a five-year-old porcupine that was rescued by the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center and is currently in their care.

As White Wolf Pack reports, Stinkers was kept as a pet prior to his stay at the center, which is why he acts like a pet, or more specifically, why he acts like a sweet, squirmy, cuddle monster of a puppy dog.

Check out the video below. It was posted in 2009, but has recently resurfaced, and racked up over 4 million views to date. Stinkers is ALL about the snuggles and belly rubs. It’s a good thing the human doing the petting and snuggling is wearing those heavy-duty gloves!

Check out the adorableness below:


Image via YouTube