The Internet is at it again, guys. It’s doing what it does best (cracking itself up), this time by transforming Pope Francis into a rapper. No, we’re not kidding.

The Twitterverse has been giggling over a picture of Pope Francis holding a microphone, saying that it looks like he’s on stage rapping. We’ll be honest: The hand. The expression. The mic. It all really does look like he’s dropping a sick beat. Of course, that’s led many on social media to post the pic with their own versions of what the pope is “rapping,” because of course. Some of the Pope lyrics are rewrites of jams we love, others are straight from Twitter users’ brains.

They’re doing this all via the hashtag #PopeBars, and it’s proving one thing we have always known: The Internet is creative, and pretty hilarious.

Some are punny:

Many are straight up brilliant.

Some even took it upon themselves to create a fake “Holy Ghost” mixtape:

Oh, Internet, we love you so.

(Images via Twitter.)