Pom Pom Rug
Credit: HelloGiggles

No need to go out and buy an expensive rug when you can just make your own at home! This crafty DIY is the perfect way to add some colorful décor to your bedroom floor (rhyme totally intentional!). You can even mix and match yarn colors to make an unique design.

Once you feel the softness of this rug, your feet will be thanking you. Who says yarn can only be used to entertain cats? Check out the video below on how you can use just plain old strings of yarn to create a beautiful work of art a.k.a your cool DIY rug!

DIY Pom Pom


4-6 yarn balls (thick or ultra thick)

Large container lid, chair back or other household item to wrap yarn around


Rug base canvas


Wrap yarn around the container lid 25 times and slide it off.
Using a different color of yarn, tie strips around to form the center of each pom pom.
Cut between the strings to separate each pom pom and trim them as needed so they are round.
Cut the rug canvas into a circle or other desired shape.
Tie pom poms around the perimeter of the rug canvas.
6. Fill in the center by tying on pom poms.