Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Jun 17, 2016 @ 2:41 pm
CBS News Democratic Presidential Debate
Credit: Chris Usher/CBS via Getty Images

If you’ve ever filled out an online dating profile, you know the questions can get pretty personal, pretty quickly. You have the option of sharing your religion, your annual income, your hopes for having (or not having) children one day, and your political beliefs. With the election coming up, that last one is an especially hot topic. So much so, in fact, that one dating service has launched around the idea entirely.

Meet CandiDate, the app that wants you to find your perfect running mate. It’s free, and more importantly, it’s nonpartisan. It hopes to help facilitate love connections based on your politics and beliefs. Build your profile by voting “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on core issues, and swiping left and right through Senators and House of Representatives you align your political beliefs with. Then, sit back as candiDate finds you like-minded matches in your area.


It might feel like you’re sharing too much of yourself at first—which is something people are wary of in the online dating world already—but that’s a good thing. Knowing someone’s political beliefs and stances on issues helps you narrow down potential matches to find the right person for you. If you’re a liberal female who cares deeply about protecting your right to choose, it doesn’t matter how cute a guy is. If he disagrees, he’s probably not a great match. It’s better to find these things out now than when you just signed a lease together.

Especially right now during the 2016 presidential election, sometimes it does help to know where a potential date is on the political spectrum,” reads an iTunes review.

CandiDate has done its research. The questions and responses within candiDate are pulled from Vote Smart, a national research organization dedicated to collecting unbiased data on every politician. All of this data, from voting records to issue positions, are distilled into simple questions for candiDate users.

“All around the world, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, Millennials and seniors, are using candiDate to find their own running mate and feel the burn of love,” said Michael Bellavia, CEO of HelpsGood, the agency responsible for the app.

CandiDate is available for free online, plus through the iTunes and Android app stores.