Doll collage

Two police officers in Dudley, United Kingdom, stumbled upon a baby in a locked car recently. Obviously concerned that the baby could be in danger (Hello — it was locked in a car!), they broke into the vehicle only to find it wasn’t a baby at all. It was a doll.


Okay, on the surface this sort of sounds like some overzealous police action. But wait until you see the doll, you guys!

Um. We’re going to have to side with the police on this one. That totally looks like a baby. If I stumbled across that in a parking lot, I’d definitely break the car window. (Or find someone else to break it because that actually sounds really difficult. But I would hurry.) That’s exactly what happened, actually. Someone spotted the baby/doll swaddled in the backseat of a car in the parking lot of Russell’s Hall hospital. (Seriously, a hospital — which only makes the whole thing even more alarming.) Police responded to a call at the hospital at 11:54 in the morning, and feared that a depressed new mother had abandoned her newborn baby. Given how realistic the doll looks, we can’t exactly blame them for the assumption. (Also, better safe than sorry when a baby’s life was thought to be at stake.) The police officers smashed the back window of the car, only to find the “baby” in danger was in fact, a doll. A startlingly realistic doll, TRUST.

Chief Inspector Phil Dolby, of Dudley Police, is standing by his two officers in the wake of this mistake and frankly, we don’t blame him. He said, “Two of my officers did the right thing when faced with what they genuinely believed was a baby, alone and critically ill in a locked car on the hospital’s car park. The extremely life-like doll was wrapped in a kiddies blanket with only the top of its head exposed. The coloration of the head appeared discolored giving the highly experienced officers additional cause for alarm.”

Hey there, highly experienced officers. Don’t feel bad. That doll fooled us, too.

Chief Inspector Dolby went on to apologize to the car’s owner (who we’re guessing also owns the doll). “I apologize to the owner of the car, who knows the reasons why my officers took the action they did. She will hopefully agree that had it have been a baby in distress and had they not acted, they would be subject of this scrutiny for all the wrong reasons.”

Agreed! But wow, what a nutty turn of events. Also, where on earth can we get a doll like that? You know, just in case we really want to freak out the family at Thanksgiving.

(Images via Twitter.)