Jill Layton
Updated December 05, 2014

Attention all social media addicts (which literally just means all of us, right?)! Polaroid is releasing a new camera this winter that will take posting pictures on social media to a whole new level of hipster-perfect awesome. It hasn’t even come out yet and we are already fully obsessed. You might be thinking, were they commissioned to write this? Nope, we just L-O-V-E this idea.

The $299 (pricey, we know) Polaroid Socialmatic camera is equipped with WiFi, which means when you take a picture, you have the option to instantly upload it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. etc. etc. etc.

You may be thinking, “Why would I buy a camera to post pictures to social media when my phone does that already?” Good question. Not only will you have to push one or two less buttons (OK, that’s actually not a legit reason, but still factual), the camera acts as a traditional Polaroid, and prints two-inch by three-inch Zero Ink photos directly from the camera. Actual pictures! Remember those? And thanks to modern technology, you won’t even need to shake ’em (“like a Polaroid picture”). You can also add a barcode to the corner of the photos you print so you can easily track them online. And don’t worry, the 14-megapixel camera also has a 2-megapixel camera on the back for all your selfie-ing needs. Sign us up!

Check it out:

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