Right now, there’s a huge tug of war between Thanksgiving, and going out on Thanksgiving. With establishments opening earlier and earlier every year — for those coveted Black Friday deals and bargains — when a place chooses to close for the whole day, it kinda turns into a Big Deal. And it shouldn’t! Thanksgiving is a day to spend time with family and loved ones, not rush out to go somewhere else.

While we love and support all the giant shopping centers that have closed their doors until early Friday morning, one pizza place has closed their doors, too. Their reasoning closing is the usual, “It’s Thanksgiving!” and the reason as to why they’re going to reopen their doors later on in the day is simply the best.

Bada Bing! Pizzeria is closed for Thanksgiving — no pizza for anyone. But, they’ll be hanging out inside for the afternoon with friends, family, and employees for their own Thanksgiving dinner. The sign they hung on the door clearly explains that, with one incredible addition at the bottom. While they’re closed for the day, “if you are hungry and don’t have any money please come in. We will welcome you and make sure you get enough to eat.”