Kenya Foy
February 27, 2017 4:07 pm
Pizza Hut Web /

Fact: Cats love pizza, but we’ve never known them to be particularly generous with their slices. But bucking the pie-hoarding norms is Pizza Hut Japan’s all-cat staff. We have no clue how they wrangled all these felines under one roof and got them to fully comply with restaurant codes (i.e. cats that steal pizza will face severe consequences up to and including an immediate return to a life of unemployed animal normalcy), but cats are actually running thangs at a pizza joint, and there’s an adorable ad to prove it.

According to PEOPLE, this isn’t the pizza chain’s first time hiring an all-cat staff. The pie-flipping felines first surfaced back in 2014 as a part of the brand’s Pizza Cat! campaign in which they work at a fictional pizza joint. But if you had any doubts about their commitment to the job (should they ever get the gig IRL), here’s proof that these cats can absolutely get shit done.

They keep the place spotless and cat-hair free.

They dress the part.

They work hard and nap even harder.

And you can count on getting correct change back.

So, it’s clear that these cats absolutely killed their previous performance evaluations because they’re back on the job, sorting through a mountain of coupons and promoting the company’s mobile apps like true consummate professionals.

WERK IT, CATS! We absolutely love them. Someone get those feline stars from Keeping Up With the Kattarshians on the line and let them know these dedicated Pizza Hut employees are coming for their spots.