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This is wonderful for so many reasons. Most importantly, because Banks is aca-incredible and everything she touches turns to gold. Also, becasue Pitch Perfect 2 was her first directing job and it landed in the #1 spot opening weekend, making it the biggest domestic earning for a first time director. Also, it earned over $285 million at the box office. No big deal — jk it is actually a HUGE deal because right now women in Hollywood are in the spotlight, and it’s about time more women stepped behind the camera. If Banks wants to lead that charge, let’s let her. She’s already proved she’s got what it takes.

Banks is now the third piece to fall into this pitch perfect reboot. Original screenwriter Kay Cannon is returning to pen the script, along with our beautiful trio of stars: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Brittany Snow. Put them all together, and you’ve got Pitch Perfect 3.

This news is very exciting, and if we were all sitting together we’d break out into song right now like this:

However, we’re not all together, but we can still celebrate together, through the magic of Pitch Perfect gifs. Because hearing this news makes us feel like we’ve totally crushed it.

And because Hollywood might finally be ready to let women’s stories lead the way. I mean, a female-led trilogy you guys!

Yes, that news is fire. So celebrate it however you want to.

Start getting ready, becasue female directors are here to stay.

Go ahead and kiss the haters goodbye.

It already feels like we’ve been waiting for the third installment of the PP trilogy our whole lives (OK, we’ve only been waiting since the beginning of the summer, when PP2 opened).

We’re ready for this.

And we love you, Elizabeth Banks.

And we’ll definitely be there opening day, 2017.

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