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Move over, Aquarius. Pisces season is making its grand entrance on Wednesday, February 19th. But keep a lookout: this season is an interesting one—it has a few twists and turns in its back pocket.

Pisces season is a time of flowing and surrendering, adapting to situations, and showing flexibility and imagination. While this shouldn’t be difficult to do, as Mercury retrograde is in this sign as well, it will give us the tendency to be creative and imaginative to a fault.

During this time, we tend to become softer, focusing on developing virtuous qualities of compassion, forgiveness, kindness.

You might feel compelled to make amends with others, reach out to the past, and find the goodness in your heart to let go of what doesn’t serve you or what you don’t serve. However, Pisces energy is not only about the goodness of one’s heart, it’s about the fluidity and capacity to let thing be, to flow. It wants you to let go of the need to control, manage, and produce.

However, we have quite a few Capricorn planets going on, like Jupiter in Capricorn and Mars in Capricorn. And although Mars in Capricorn will motivate us to get our things in order, Pisces season simultaneously invites us to focus on what truly matters, which is soul-based activities. Mars in Capricorn says, “We need money and order,” while Pisces season and Mercury retrograde answers with: “But does it fulfill us?”

This back-and-forth motion between one energy and the other will be what this Pisces season is about. And the most important skill you can focus on during this time is to flow and be flexible.

Pisces season invites us to dream and devise our biggest dreams. By essence, Pisces is a sign that is non-materialistic and pushes us to connect deeper with our essence and soul. But maybe it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Perhaps you can chase your dream that involves a house with a mortgage and additional hours at work, while developing soul-based activities—or perhaps, your soul-calling is to build this dream house of yours instead.

All Piscean activities are supported during this time, and this includes any type of dreaming (i.e. daydreaming, visualization exercises, creative writing); any type of creative/artistic activities that promote flow (i.e. dancing, yoga); and activities that are devoted to others (i.e. volunteering, helping out a friend, donating to charity) and to spiritual development (i.e. meditation and praying).

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