Everyone, protect your wallets, get rid of all your credit cards, shield your bank account — because things are about to get REEEAL tempting up in here.

Anyone who’s ever used Pinterest knows how addictive it is. . . and how it makes all your #goals rise to the top. The dream home, the perfect bookshelf, the ultimate recipes — all of this drool-worthy content is available for Pinning on the social media platform. But perhaps what Pinterest is used for most of all? The cutest clothes in the entire world that induce the most dreamy of sighs.

Most of us just Pin our dream decor / makeup / outfits, and that’s where our goals end. After all, even with the new “buyable pins” feature launched earlier this year, sometimes we just can’t afford the steep price tag on some of our fave items.

However, Pinterest has rolled out a new feature that is equal parts amazing (for us) and terrible (for our bank accounts): a tool that notifies you if the price drops on a product you’ve pinned. Pinterest users will now get in-app notifications or an email when that amazing sweater they pinned last week drops in price. The feature simultaneously allows you to shop smarter and encourages you to shop more, and AGHHHH OUR HEARTS.

The move is an effort to improve shopper experience on their platform, Pinterest product marketing manager Sarah Shere told TechCrunch. “I don’t think it’s a unique psychology to Pinterest, but we tried to build a shopping experience that worked for that customer experience — discovering a product, waiting for the right moment, and then completing the purchase in a seamless way,” Shere said. “In this case one of those right moments is waiting for the price to drop.”

Buyable pins were rolled out earlier this year and cut out the middle man for many retailers, allowing users to buy products straight through Pinterest with just the click of a button and their credit cards. Now, users will likely be using them more than ever.

According to Pinterest, over 10,000 brands are using Buyable Pins — including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Kate Spade. More than 60 million Buyable Pins are available on the site, including in the Pinterest shop, which debuted last month and showcases pins for us to look through, credit cards in hand.

Well, that does it. Our closets will get bigger and our homes will get prettier. . . but our bank accounts? Well, at least we’re saving money, right? (Just nod and agree.)

(Image via Pinterest.)