Remember when we told you about NYC’s Cat Café and London’s Owl Café, and if you were like us, you were SO excited about the possibility of hanging out with cats and owls while enjoying a beverage in a setting that wasn’t your home or a wildlife preserve? Well there’s another café happening, and this time it will be full of micro-pigs!

London’s first ever “pignic” will be held at the The Proud Archivist in Haggerston from May 21 to 25. So, if you’re in the area, PLEASE go and tell us EVERYTHING!

Yelp and PetPiggies, a micro-pig breeding company, are holding a “multi-room piggy educational evening” for people who are interested in adopting the animals as pets — and for people who just love cuddling with tiny, adorable pigs.

“Expect a night of food, drinks, piggy education and, of course, a picnic with the most adorable little pigs London has ever seen,” Petpiggies stated in an announcement on their website.

The website also explains why micro-pigs make excellent pets: “A pet pig is obviously not for everyone but you might be surprised to learn that pigs actually have a lot going for them, for example, micro pigs are smarter, clean and less smelly than cats and dogs!”

The site offers a complete caring guide for micro-pig owners, and we’re relieved to know that there are strict requirements for owning a pet pig:

The “pignic” already has 1,800 registered attendees. Admission for the event is £30 per ticket (about $45), and will include not only include dinner, drinks, a piggy-themed cocktail and pig cuddles (if you’re lucky!), but also education for potential pig owners to fully understand what they’re getting themselves into. Proceeds from every ticket will go to the charity Farms not Factories.

According to Yelp’s event description, “Yelp will be working with both animal charities and animal welfare groups to educate about Micro Pigs and Micro Pig Ownership. We want to make it clear that a potential journey towards pet pig ownership must start with realistic size expectations. This is where Yelp, Petpiggies and The Proud Archivist will work to educate the public with The Pignic in the hope that fewer pigs will end up being abandoned.”

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